Kitchen Disasters & Fixes

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••• Quick solutions to common cooking disasters •••

Salty soup, burned cookies and runny mashed potatoes arent necessarily destined for the trash. This app offers quick fixes and creative solutions to common cooking problems.

With more than 120 entries, solutions include clever cover-ups for cosmetic gaffs like fallen cakes or broken meringues and easy-to-follow Rescue Recipes to salvage everything from overcooked vegetables to stale bread. The app even identifies Lost Causes, so you know when its time to give up and start again.

As an added bonus, Avoidance Tactics ensure you wont have the problem again.

Topics include:
• Baked Goods
• Dairy
• Desserts
• Eggs
• Fish & Seafood
• Fruit
• Meat & Poultry
• Pasta & Rice
• Sauces & Dressings
• Soups & Stews
• Vegetables

Special articles to help you include:
• 10 Essential Gadgets
• 3 Ways to Cook Rice
• 5 Mother Sauces
• Cooking Pasta
• Perfect Whipped Cream
• Emergency Ingredients
• Inspired Rescue Recipes

Designed with home cooks in mind, this app offers practical advice when you need it most. With Kitchen Disasters at your finger tips, nothing will stop you from putting dinner on the table — not even a burned roast.

••• About the Author •••

Charmian Christie is a food writer, recipe developer and blogger who has had her share of kitchen disasters yet has lived to cook another day. Her work appears in a wide variety of publications, including The Globe and Mail, More, Edible Toronto, Canadian Gardening, Relish and Natural Health.

For more recipes and culinary tales, visit her blog, Christies Corner (

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